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Our Customer did not have a Dock but needed to unload drums of solvent from a tractor trailer. They were having to unload at a different location and transport the drums in a pickup truck.  We formed and poured the pad on Friday and installed this Advance Dock Lift the following Monday Morning. 




Removed 50 year old mechanical lift, formed a new pit within the old pit and installed a new Hydraulic Lift

Custom Knee Wall Ladder   6 steps on one side, 3 steps on the other with Rubber Cushioned Foot Pads
Complete Picking/Packing System with Ridg-U-Rack 2 deep Pushback Storage above, Pallet Flow to Pick Aisle below, 4 Bays of  Unex Spantrack Carton Flow to pick aisle,  ACSI Conveyor to Packing Station, Sinco Rack Guard on Picking Side of Rack, Garlin Conveyor Crossover

Fairborn Dock Seals
   McGuire Common Side Dock Shelters   Before and After
36' high Drive in Rack for storage of Plastic Shipping containers
Custom Wedge Shaped Mezzanine by Cubic Design   Before and After
 Custom Fabricated Walkway, Fort Ticonderoga, NY   Before and After
High Speed Door at Concrete Plant
In Plant Office Buildings

Chemical Storage Drive in Rack
Selective Rack with Wire Decks                               Structural Rack   Outside              3 Deep Push Back Back to Back for 6 Deep Total
Custom Fabricated Walkways and Catwalks






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